LG's flexible OLED advertising screens could be the future of TV

Occasionally, we get a glimpse into where technology could be heading, and LG's demonstration of its 'Flexible Open Frame' OLED screens could be the next innovation to make it onto your TV.

Exhibited at the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam, the largest AV systems integration show in the world, LG's screens can change their curvature - meaning that they would be able to bend around the corners and curves of your living room.

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The curve can also be changed after the television is installed, so in theory you can move the TV into another room, or adjust the screen for better viewing angles.

While curved screens improve immersion and convey depth better than standard flat TVs, their expense, exaggerated reflections, and need to sit in a sweet spot means that the positives are usually outweighed.

It's possible that a television with an adjustable curve would be able to minimise these negative factors.

While LG's technology is currently only available in televisions being sold for signage, there's always a chance could be coming to a more commercial market soon.

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