LG axes its rollable OLED – although there is still hope for concept OLED TVs

LG has always been bold with its OLED TV designs, especially when it comes to the high-concept Signature range. While these sets don't have mass appeal in the same way the C and G series OLED TVs do, they're often at the forefront of conceptual design and, more often than not, feel super futuristic. 

Key examples include the OLED65W7 Wallpaper TV and, more recently, the Signature OLED T – a transparent OLED TV unveiled at CES 2024. However, of all the conceptual designs out there, the brand's rollable OLED TVs made the biggest splash. First unveiled at CES 2019, LG launched three 65-inch rollable OLED TVs in its five-year tenure, including the R9 (2019), RX (2020) and R1 (2021–2023).

Unfortunately, it appears that we won't see a successor to the R1, as LG has discontinued the model and abandoned its rollable OLED TV project completely. It's shut down production of these concept TVs, and we have a good idea why this might be. According to the Korean publication Chosun (via FlatpanelsHD), LG's rollable model has seen very few sales. Considering it costs $87,000 (around £70,000 / AU$120,000), we're not entirely surprised.

The report suggests that the rollable OLED panel production plant closed down late last year and LG has retrieved show models from retailers too. According to Chosun, a major factor in LG's decision to close down the plant was the failure to bring down production costs for manufacturing these displays. 

Fortunately, LG doesn't seem too discouraged, as it will continue to develop concept OLED TVs. As previously mentioned, the OLED T, which was unveiled earlier this year, is still on track to ship later this year (to our knowledge). LG also seems dedicated to its M-series wireless OLED TVs, with the M4 launching later this year.


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