LG's new Signature OLED TV is a see-through spectacle

LG OLED T transparent TV on the CES 2024 stage
(Image credit: LG)

It wouldn't be CES without some crazy concept TVs, and LG has immediately stolen the show with its latest revelation. Last year, it introduced a wireless OLED TV in the form of the M3 OLED – so how has it upstaged that? Well, this transparent statement  Signature OLED T is  is about as futuristic as it gets.

LG has already had a blockbuster CES 2024, announcing new soundbars, QNED TVs, OLED TVs and even a stylish new projector, so we had assumed that the Korean titan had finished with its AV innovation announcements at the Vegas convention; but it had one more trick up its sleeve. 

The LG Signature OLED T is, as you might have guess from the headline, a transparent OLED TV. While this concept isn't new per se – the idea has been floating around for a few years now – transparent OLED TVs have been nothing more than proof of concept devices thus far. The OLED T, which we assume will be joining the B, C, G, M and Z OLEDs, is a viable product that exists within LG's Signature series, which has produced spectacular sets such as the rollable OLED TV and the wallpaper OLED TV of yesteryears. 

So how does this TV work? It features a transparent OLED panel up front, with a rollable opaque film that LG is calling a "contrast screen" which can provide a more traditional OLED TV experience. However, with that screen retracted, the LG OLED T is a fully see-through unit, which can display artwork – it can even become a virtual fish tank. LG has also included a widget section of the display called the T-Bar, which can provide news, weather and more. 

It will use the same wireless technology and processor as the new M4 Wireless OLED TV, with the Zero Connect box housing the port selection and Alpha 11 AI Processor, which will beam wirelessly to the see-through screen and sound system. It will also run the latest version of webOS, as is the case with all LG's 2024 TVs. 

We haven't been given a price as of yet, but we're willing to bet that the OLED T will be very expensive. LG hopes to begin shipping the Signature OLED T in the second half of 2024. It will even offer an option with a wood panel background and floating shelves style media unit, which we have to admit looks very suave. 

We are anticipating further information on the OLED T soon, so stay posted for more CES news.


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