LG's valve amp/OLED TV combo is one of the most bizarre devices we'll see in 2024

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CES 2024 hasn't even started yet, but it has already seen the unveiling of one of the strangest products we've ever seen. Thanks to the brains at LG, the new DukeBox is an entirely new concept that 'combines the charm of vacuum tube audio with cutting-edge transparent OLED panel technology'. It's the combo we never knew we needed!

At this stage it is just a concept, but what a concept to have in the first place. LG claims that the point of the new DukeBox is to meld 'old-fashioned sensibilities with state-of-the-art technology', but we're more accustomed to seeing such a combination occurring within a single, established design, like a classically designed radio that boasts high-tech streaming smarts (see the Revo SuperConnect Stereo).

Still, the enchanting DukeBox certainly looks the part and might have the sound, and functionality, to back it all up. The unit features front-facing speakers at the bottom alongside a 360-degree speaker positioned on top, offering an experience that should envelop you in satisfying, immersive sound. 

LG Transparent OLED

The DukeBox presumably uses the same or similar tech as the LG Transparent OLED we saw at CEDIA a few years ago. (Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

That's the sound aspect, but didn't we mention something about an OLED display? We certainly did, and LG claims that the transparency of the OLED screen can be adjusted so that you can have your new DukeBox looking like a vacuum tube audio system enclosed in a transparent glass box. If you want to switch things around, you can simply use the concept to enjoy movies and videos, or, get this, 'create a cosy fireplace ambience where the vacuum tube is visible amidst the flickering flames'.

The 'DukeBox by LG Labs' (to give it its full, official title), will be showcased at LG's exhibition at CES 2024 alongside some equally off-the-wall products, including a space-age-looking camper van (want) furnished with a fridge and a bed, as well as a capsule coffee machine 'inspired by space exploration' (also want).

As mentioned above, these are just concepts at the moment, so we don't have any official prices or retail information, but anyone heading to CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9th to the 12th can check out LG Labs products at the company’s booth in the Convention Center's central hall. 

It will be worth the trip just to see the DukeBox...


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