LG releases TVs with built-in DVD players and hard disk recorders

LG P4000

First-up is the LG4000 LCD TV (right), which incorporates a 'scarlet-colour accent', and more notably a built-in DVD player. It's a side-loading, 'vacuum-loading slot', which LG naturally claims makes little impact on the slim, easy on the eye design.

Elsewhere the set, available in 26in and 32in size, has three HDMI 1.3a inputs, claimed contrast ratios of 8,000:1 and 50,000:1 respectively and has LG's clear voice technology on board.

Also new to us is the PG6900 plasma range. These also have a trick up their sleeve, boasting as they do a built-in hard disk recorder.

Available in 42in and 50in sizes, the recorders are Freeview+ certified, meaning functions such as the ability to pause and rewind live TV are present and correct.

Each set has a roomy 160GB hard disk on board, which LG states allows '57 hours of recording'. The sets are 100Hz screens, with HD-Ready resolutions and three HDMI inputs.

All models should be hitting stores now alongside the '6000, '6100 and '7000 models which we have already covered here on whathifi.com and indeed in the magazine.