First TV manufacturers gave 3D the boot and now the curved TV looks set to follow, with both LG and Sony confirming that neither will offer the option in 2017...

It came as no real surprise when LG and Sony revealed they were both killing off 3D at CES 2017. The feature failed to take off for a number of reasons, not least cost and the competing passive/active technologies. Now, both LG and Sony have confirmed that there won't be any curved TV options on the menu this year either.

Speaking at the company's InnoFest event in Crete, LG cited a lack of consumer interest as the key reason, with its research showing consumers tend to choose flat over curved when given the choice of similarly-priced sets.

Sony had a similar event to outline its ranges for 2017 and curved sets were also absent - "there were no curved models in the line-up we showed at the trade show recently, but we are not commenting on our future plans," said a Sony spokesperson.

We've always been open-minded about the curve and in fact gave LG's curved OLED55C6V an Award just last year. The good news is if you're in the market for a curved TV you might be able to track down some great TV deals on last year's models before the class of 2017 go on sale.

Just recently we've seen a petition to bring back 3D TVs - could we see the same for the curve or has it been well and truly flattened?

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gel's picture

Well and truly flattened I think now.

Can't say I am bothered about 3D either.  

Leeps's picture

Curved TV's

Silly idea in the first place.  The only market has to be for single people with one seat in their lounge, who never have any friends/visitors.  Off-axis viewing?

Benedict_Arnold's picture

Next year TVs that curve

Next year TVs that curve OUTwards like old fashioned CRTs.

Someone will probably bring out a black'n'white set as well.