Korea 3D investment
3D Industry Development Strategy should create 15,000 jobs in next five years

South Korea is forging ahead with its plan to make the country a world leader in 3D TV: its Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced it will invest 410bn won, or almost £250m, in its 3D Industry Development Strategy.

The plan, raised in a national employment strategy meeting led by President Lee Myung-bak last month, aims to create 15,000 jobs and a market worth 2.5tn won (£1.5bn) over the next five years.

It's designed to encourage 3D content production capability, and prevent the Korean market being swamped by 3D material from overseas.

Its four strategic tasks are the creation of 3D content, stimulation of content production. enhancing Korea's ability to develop the technology, and expanding the penetration of its technology into export markets.

To that end the ministry will also set up a 100bn won (£60m) fund to bankroll 3D content, and spend 12bn won (£7m) annually to encourage the making and export of more 3D material.

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It's all part of a larger Korean strategy to lead the world in communications and broadcast strategy: already planned is fourth-generation TV, offering 3D capability and 3840x2160-pixel resolution, which should start test broadcasts in three years.

That will be followed in 2016 by Touch DMB, offering interactive 3D broadcasting over broadband internet, and a 'future internet' service offering speeds of up to 10GBps, due to be tested at around the same time.

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