Klipsch is reviving its range of Heritage horn-loaded speakers in the UK, bringing back the Klipschorn, La Scala II, Cornwall III and Heresy III

Here's a bit of hi-fi nostalgia making its way back to the UK. American speaker specialist Klipsch is reviving its Heritage range of horn-loaded speakers.

First designed by company founder Paul W Klipsch in 1946, the 2009 Heritage range consists of four models.

The flagship is the legendary Klipschorn (£5999). This mighty speaker, which stands 1.28m high and weighs 79.5kg, is essentially identical to the original model developed more than 60 years ago.

Featuring a horn-loaded Phenolic diaphragm, 1in compression driver tweeter, 2in midrange and 15in fibre-composite woofer, the Klipschorn has a sensiitivity rating of 105dB, making it "an ideal partner for today's new generation of valve amplifiers," the company claims.


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Originally designed for Winthrop Rockefeller

Next down in the range is the La Scala II (£3399). Originally designed by Paul Klipsch in 1963 as a PA speaker for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller, this three-way, horn-loaded design apparently sounded so good people wanted to use it as a domestic speaker.

For those on a smaller budget, the £1699 Cornwall III began life as a centre speaker to be used in conjunction with a pair of Klipschorns.

And finally comes the biggest-selling model in the Heritage range, the £849 Heresy III. It stands a mere 60cm high and was first produced in 1957.

It's since been improved with a more powerful woofer, a biwire network and a titanium, diaphragm-equipped tweeter and midrange unit.

All the speakers in the Heritage range are built to order in Hope, Arkansas, USA. All prices are for single speakers.


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Long Live Klipsch!!!

Awesome speakers from back in the days of DJ battles, all Night Dance clubs. If it wasnt for the price, this would be a perfect speaker if you have the room, but then again there is the Heresy III.