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JVC unveils new 4K HDR projectors and red special edition DLA-20LTD

What's D-ILA? It stands for 'Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier' and it's JVC's proprietary chip for displaying images. It's a kind of hybrid of LCD and DLP projector technology that JVC has been using since 1997.

So for its 20th birthday, JVC has launched three new D-ILA projectors with Ultra HD 4K resolution and promising improved High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures. All three projectors use a new, redesigned "e-shift5" technology, which is JVC's way of displaying native 4K images, by cleverly shifting Full HD images by half a pixel diagonally at 120Hz, thus multiplying the resolution to reach 3820 x 2160.

The DLA-X9900 and X7900 are THX 3D certified, and the X9900 has a claimed 2100 lumens of brightness and an 'industry leading' 160,000:1 contrast ratio.

JVC's Multiple Pixel Control processing technology has been improved as well and combined with the new e-shift5 tech, aims to deliver better 4K and HDR10 images than before.

All three projectors come with HDCP2.2 certification for their HDMI inputs, which also support 4K/60fps and 4:4:4 colour subsampling.

The X9900 is available in black only, while the X7900 and X5900 are available in black or white finishes. All three are due in October, and cost £9500, £6300 and £4500 respectively.

JVC will also be releasing a limited edition DLA-20LTD - that bright red projector pictured above - to celebrate that 20th anniversary.

Why red? Red is JVC's corporate brand colour and it "expresses the passion and enthusiasm" for developing future D-ILA projectors, says JVC.

Details on the 20LTD are sparse, but it will feature another "industry leading" native 200,000:1 contrast ratio, and the 20th anniversary logo will show up when the projector is fired up.

We'll update with more details and pricing when we know.

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