IFA NEWS: Sony expands Blu-ray line with two new players and all-in-one system - and Spider-man is free!

Sony is boosting its commitment to Bu-ray with the arrival of two new players and a complete home cinema system - and buyers of any of them will get the Spider-man trilogy on Blu-ray disc absolutely free.

The new machines are the BDP-S500 and BDP-S300 (above) , and while prices have yet to be announced, we've already spotted the BDP-S300 on the Argos website at £500, and it's started to appear at some online shops for as little as under £300. It's expected that the BDP-S300 will list for around £400, with the BDP-S500 at about £600.

The two players have different styling, and under the lids there are differences between the specifications, too. Both models can output 1080p Full HD via HDMI, partnered with 7.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus audio, with 5.1-channel DTS-HD decoding on the BDP-S300 and 7.1-channel on the pricier model.

The BDP-S500 (above) also has Dolby TrueHD decoding and HDMI output of DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus audio signals, where the discs allow, and both players have upscaling for DVDs, and 24fps and xvColour from suitable Blu-ray discs.

The Bravia Theatre HTP-BD2RSF system, which it's thought will sell for under £1000, combines the BDP-S300 with Sony's HT-SF2000 digital amp/speaker package. The 5.1-channel system has Sony's DCAC automatic calibration, and shares with the new players Bravia Theatre Sync for one-button operation of the complete system and a Sony Bravia TV, while high-definition sound is passed between player and amp as Linear PCM.

The amplifier also has Sony's Digital Media Port, which can accept modular adapters to connect iPods, Sony Network Walkman players, Bluetooth music sources and even wi-fi networks.

The new models will appear in UK shops in the next couple of months, and buyers of the new player or system will receive a free copy of the Spider-man trilogy on Blu-ray disc, on completion of product registration and an online questionnaire.

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