LG SL9000
LG is introducing new 'borderless' LED/LCD TVs, the SL9000 and SL8000 series, but neither has wi-fi or internet connectivity

LG has just announced its new ‘borderless' TVs with much fanfare here at IFA – and left the assembled journalists somewhat baffled.

A slick TV advertisement shown during the press launch this afternoon showed a very smart design with a single piece of glass running right up to the edges of the TV's slim 2.9cm-deep housing, giving the impression that the new SL9000 and SL8000 models would indeed appear to have no visible frame around the screen.

And LG's new marketing slogan – Live)Borderless – seems to suggest the same.

But while the new LCD/LED TVs on display did indeed have a single sheet of glass right across the front, there was still a clearly visible black ‘frame' around the edge, so they look just like many other flatscreen TVs on the market.

George Mead, LG UK's TV marketing manager, was left to explain: “While producing ‘borderless' TVs is our ultimate goal, it will be next year before we see models that look like those in the video.

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“It's a statement of the direction intends to take, and you'll see that the SL8000 models already have a narrower bezel than the flagship SL9000 series.”

The screens are made using a special injection compressed moulding and film laminating technology so the screen is a single sheet of glass with no gap between the screen and bezel.

The top-of-the-range SL9000 will be available in 47in and 42in screen sizes, while the SL8000 series will come in four sizes: 32, 37, 42 and 47in.

LG expects the two SL9000 TVs to sell for around 1100 Euros and 1500 Euros respectively when they go on sale in October.

Other technical highlights across both ranges include Full HD resolution, USB connectivity, TruMotion processing, HD DiVX compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity and energy saving modes.

Additional features on the SL9000 series include LED backlighting and a claimed contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1.

But surprisingly neither range has wi-fi or internet capability, like rivals from Philips and Panasonic. LG says it's “in the process of developing" wi-fi and internet TVs, which should be available next year.

More news to follow from LG shortly on its forthcoming Blu-ray products.