DMTech BDP810
Another entry to the budget Blu-ray market has emerged at the tail-end of the IFA Show in Berlin. From Swedish company Netlogic but under the DMTech brand name, the BDP810 is due out in October

It was clear out in Berlin that while Blu-ray has plenty going for it as the victor of the HD format war and now the sole player in the next-generation video market, but things aren't exactly going to plan.

Blu-ray has yet to break in to mass market territory in terms of sales of hardware and software, even if general consumer awareness is now growing. 

More machines, and at lower prices is what many are calling for, and Netlogic look to be following up with the goods. While a price isn't confirmed, the DMTech BDP810 should have a fairly friendly price tag when it hits the stores in October.

In terms of specification, the player has an HDMI 1.3a connection, claims support for Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD, and in 7.1 form, plus 1080p/24fps  video.

More details – including price and availability – to follow just as soon as we get it...