Harman Kardon's first wireless multiroom system features three new products: Omni 10 and Omni 20 wireless speakers, plus the Adapt, an add-on device which promises to deliver wireless streaming to your current stereo system.

There's been a sudden surge in wireless multiroom systems in 2014 with recent announcements from the likes of LG and Sonos, and it looks like the trend is set to continue during IFA 2014.

Harman Kardon's Omni ecosystem uses Blackfire Research's wireless streaming technology, and allows you to stream music files with sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. The system is set up over wi-fi and playback is controlled through either Harman Kardon's HK Connect app or you can opt to stream using good 'ol Bluetooth.

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If you thinking of buying multiple speakers, Omni 10s and 20s can also be used as stereo pairs, or if you've got the urge, you can even hook up five to create your own, wireless surround sound set-up. 

Omni's features include (deep breath) One Touch Follow Me Audio, which allows you to switch music from one speaker to the other as you move between rooms. Press the large link button in the middle the speaker's control panel and you can cycle through multiple ongoing streams and pick your favourite. Press and hold the same button and you'll engage Party Mode, where the same track is pushed to multiple speakers.

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The Harman Kardon Omni 10 (£159.99), Omni 20 (£250) and Adapt (£100) will be available to buy from mid-October. In a first for the company, Harman is also going to open up Omni to members of its own development community, where members will be encouraged to develop Harman's app and design new features for this multi-room system.

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colpro77's picture

When will you guys officially review this?

Hi Guys, can you tell me when you plan to review this product? And is there a reason, do you know, why nobody else has offered a review of this yet? I am desperate to buy this system but need a reputable review before I do as a lot of cash. Many thanks Smile 


Andy Clough's picture


Unfortunately Harman Kardon has not submitted this product for review yet because it says there are still some bugs with the software that need ironing out.

smileman's picture

Please do a review, and also confirm aptX?

Your review says "an opt to stream using good 'ol Bluetooth (including aptX)". However, there is nothing in the spec sheet or on the official aptX website that lists devices that use aptX that confirms that the Omnis have aptX. Would be a pity if they don't offer aptX as that would be give them a really great set of features at this price point.

Andy Clough's picture

aptX Bluetooth

Turns out the final version of theis system does not have aptX as we were originally told, so article amended.