LG announces Music Flow multi-room system

The speakers come in three different sizes: H3 (£150), H5 (£230) and H7 (£329), while the HS6 (£500) soundbar and the R1 (£50) network bridge complete the Music Flow line-up. Control comes via the system's companion app for smartphones, which lets users send digitally stored music to any of the speakers.

Mesh network technology and dual band wi-fi ensure "uninterrupted, crystal-clear HD music playback". Expanding a Music Flow system is relatively simple; users are required to use 'Multi-room mode' to play the same song across all speakers or alternatively, different songs on different speakers. An L/R Stereo mode provides a "more immersive listening experience", while Home Cinema Mode offers an "enhanced movie viewing experience".

Music Flow features proprietary Automatic Loudness Compensation Algorithm technology. This, LG claims, "ensures audio clarity across all frequencies". Each speaker benefits from an advanced nano-fibre pulp and foam paper diaphragm to further enhance sound quality. The HS6 soundbar features LG's Stereo Field Expansion (SFX) Algorithm technology to create a larger sweet spot and to amplify the surround sound effect. The Music Flow system also allows users to play high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio across all speakers.

The companion Music Flow app gives users complete control over their digitally stored music library on any internet-enabled device. Mood Station provides recommendations and automatically creates playlists to create a certain ambience. A number of music streaming services can be accessed through the app too, including Spotify, Deezer, Napster and TuneIn.

LG has incorporated its HomeChat service into Music Flow, which allows users to communicate with the system via messaging app Line. Another feature: Auto Music Play, will allow users to automatically switch to playing music through Music Flow when arriving home, after listening to it outdoors. NFC is also onboard for instant pairing with devices.

The H5, H7 speakers and the R1 network bridge will be available in the UK this month and other European markets after IFA 2014 in Berlin. The H3 speaker and HS6 soundbar will be released globally soon after.

The entire LG Music Flow multi-room system will be on show at IFA 2014 - the latest example of a manufacturer laying down the challenge to Sonos in the multi-room stakes in 2014, following the likes of Samsung, Simple Audio and Bluesound. Meanwhile, we're also expecting Denon to launch its take on the multi-room system very shortly - watch this space.

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