IFA 2014: Audio Technica launches new headphones and USB turntable

On show at IFA 2014 in Berlin, the LP120USBC is the latest in a line of Audio Technica USB turntables that allows you to convert vinyl records into digital music files for playback on computers, phones and tablets.

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Simply connect the turntable to a PC or Mac via the supplied USB cable and use the bundled Audacity software to convert records into MP3 or WAV files. The Audacity software also allows you to edit files, adjust equaliser settings and remove the crackle noise from older records.

The LP120USBC features a switchable phono preamp allowing for connection to a hi-fi system or a pair of active speakers. RCA output and 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cables are provided.

The Audio Technica LP120USB will be available from November for £279.

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SonicSport headphones

Also new for IFA is Audio Technica's SonicSport headphone range. Three new pairs have been unveiled: ATH-SPORT1; ATH-SPORT2; and ATH-SPORT3.

The new SonicSport range succeeds the ATH-CKP200 earphones and aims to combine "a robust and waterproof design" with top-notch sound. Hopefully they'll stay in your ears, too.

With comfort being a priority, Audio Technica has supplied three different sized active-fit ear tips with the 'phones. These allow a little ambient noise in to keep users aware of their surroundings and improve safety.

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The SPORT1 features an 8.5mm driver and comes in a range of colours. An adjustable 'swing around the ear' hanger ensures a sturdy fit. A SPORT1iS model adds an inline mic with smartphone audio control.

The SPORT2 features 10mm drivers and comes in a range of colours, but adopts a more traditional in-ear headphone design. Different-sized silicone housing rings aim to provide a secure, comfortable fit. A lightweight body aims to reduce ear fatigue.

Finally, the SPORT3 (pictured) features 10mm drivers and a flexible ear hanger design taken from the IM headphone series. A waterproof duct has been fitted to control air flow and produce deep bass. Integrated stablisers aim to minimise sonic distortion.

Pricing for the Audio Technica SonicSport range is as follows:

SPORT1 - £20
SPORT1iS - £30
SPORT2 - £30
SPORT3 - £45

All pairs will be available from November.

CKR headphones

Two new pairs of high-quality in-ear headphones have also been announced. The ATH-CKR9 and ATH-CKR10 (pictured) are the "world's first" in-ear headphones to feature 'Dual Phase Push-Pull Drivers'. Two 13mm drivers are placed opposite each other and move in opposite directions, this reduces distortion and improves response times.

Power is also doubled and output sensitivity increased. Audio Technica claims the result of this is an "expansive but detailed sound across a wide frequency range, suiting all styles of music."

The CKR 'phones also feature built-in 'bass acoustic resistors' which aim to control low-end bass to provide listeners with a cleaner sound.

The in-ears claim to fully support the new formally agreed high resolution standards, sport tianium (CKR10) and aluminium (CKR9) housings which control frequency variation and cable interference is controlled thanks to a studded wire and an aluminium-sleeve plug.

The Audio Technica CKR9 and CKR10 in-ear headphones will be available from November for £170 and £250 respectively.

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