The huge TV that's too big for Britain

It looks as if we've reached the maximum size for large-screen TVs and have finally said, 'enough is enough', writes Dominic Dawes. The latest leap forward in extravagant screen size won't be visiting these shores.

Dense population, average house size and steep price are all factors, but as JVC launches the latest 'biggest TV in the world, ever' (the HD-110MH80, pictured above) those of us in the UK who might actually want the thing can only look on wistfully.

A spokesperson for JVC confirmed that despite its imminent arrival on the American market, the huge, 110 inch, HD-110MH80 will not be going on sale in the UK this year - and possibly never.

Which is a shame if you're nuts about big TVs, as the new JVC boasts an impressive spec.

The HD-110MH80:

  • Offers full 1080p HD compatibility
  • Uses JVC's D-ILA technology
  • Has 1920 x 1080 resolution and 5000:1 contrast
  • Measures 3-feet deep and 728-pounds