High-end JBL studio monitors are bringing retro back

Got plenty of room and cash? Try these two new JBL studio monitors, the JBL 4367 and 4429 - both of which are designed to bring professional-grade performance to the home.

While their insides contain some cutting-edge electronics, they look decidedly retro on the outside, with blue front baffles and exposed mid/high frequency horns, perfect for your walnut-veneered study.

The 4367s use the D2 driver technology derived from JBL's M2 Master Reference Monitor, and aim to deliver extended high frequency response to 40kHz and keep distortion to a minimum, even at high volumes.

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JBL has also utilised its new High-Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide, which aims to deliver a neutral frequency response on and off-axis, and claims a seamless frequency blend with the woofer. The woofer from the M2s has been upgraded, employing a new cone material, plus dual 75mm voice coils and neodymium motor structures.

The 4429 speakers are an update to the firm's 4425 studio monitors, which were first introduced in 1985. Improvements have been made to the 19mm and 50mm titanium compression drivers.

They also benefit from a new crossover and woofer, which, combined with the improved cabinet, aim to deliver quick, tight bass.

Both sets of speakers will be available next month. As for the price? A pair of the JBL 4367s will set you back £11,800, while the 4429s cost £5,800.

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