Great Scott! This Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition goes back to the future

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition in front of a DeLorean car
(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

Cue up Johnny B. Goode, because Cambridge Audio has released a special DeLorean Edition of its five-star Evo 150 streaming system. 

The Evo 150 DeLorean Edition comes with two body kits that you can apply to its bare metal brushed bodywork. One replicates the front grille and classic logo of the DMC-12 (the car Doc Brown transformed into a time machine in Back To The Future), the other the logo of the forthcoming DeLorean Alpha 5 luxury sports car. They attach using magnets, making it easy to swap between them.

Other than that, it's the same Evo 150 we know and love, with the same 6.8-inch colour LCD panel to display album artwork, and same excellent rotary dial to control it. Or you can use the StreamMagic app on your phone. It has 150W of amplification (there's no mention of how many jigawatts that is), and you can connect a turntable using the built-in MM phono stage.

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition on a white background

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

In our review, we described the Evo 150 as "an articulate communicator – clear and detailed, punchy yet refined." Its soundscape has more size and scale than the cheaper Evo 75's, with greater solidity through the lower registers. But in terms of musicality, we prefer the Award-winning Naim Uniti Atom, though it does have a comparatively narrower soundstage.

The Evo 150 DeLorean Edition is out now in North America and Asia, and will launch in the UK and Europe in April. It costs £2099 / $3199 / AU$5299.


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  • Kenneth Fernandes
    A crossover setting to set the speaker out from ~100Hz and the sub/pre out up to 140 Hz would be a great feature in the StreamMagic App.
  • Chris Brooks
    Sadly, nothing new here, just a party cloak and a fancy name over the same electronic guts.
    Pity because the Evo 150 was always rather tinny sounding and could do with an upgrade to make it sound better.
  • Kenneth Fernandes
    Given that Audirvāna just released an ARM64(aarch64) software version. I am interested in knowing if it is possible to install the package via USB media or Over the air (O-T-A) on the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 or any other All-in-one streaming amplifier.