Grado SR60i
Grado has released the SR60i headphones, a long-awaited upgrade to its legendary SR60 cans

We've waited a long time for it but now finally Grado has upgraded its multi-award-winning SR60 headphones. The new SR60i cans mark the first upgrade to this model since its inception in 1994.

So, some 15 years in the making, we naturally can't wait to hear them – and see whether Grado has managed to do the unimaginable, and improve on the sound.

The new SR60i headphones have an upgraded driver design and improvements to the housing of the driver.

Naturally Grado claims improved control of high and low frequencies, without losing the company's trademark warm, rich and smooth sound.

Available now, the Grado SR60i headphones have a recommended retail price of £99.90. And we'll have an exclusive review in our May issue, out April 8th.