Grado GS1000i
Grado has upgraded its flagship headphones, releasing the 'i' version of the GS1000 with new mahogany earpieces and upgraded speaker driver

Grado has upgraded its flagship GS1000 heapdphones, releasing the new GS1000i version.

The earpieces are now crafted from a new species of mahogany, using a special curing process which Grado says helps optimise their tonal quality.

They also benefit from upgraded dynamic transducers and an improved eight-conductor cable design.

The combination of the new wood, speaker driver and cable design results in "improved control and stability of both the upper and lower registers of the audio spectrum", claims Grado.

Like its predecessor, the new GS1000i has special ear cushions to deliver "a larger soundstage and greater spacial experience for the listener".

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Selling in the UK for £1100, the Grado GS1000i is distributed by Armour Home Electronics.