Google Pixel 6 wireless charging stand and security features leaked

This is the Pixel 6's new wireless charging stand
(Image credit: EVLeaks)

Is there anything we don't know yet about the Google Pixel 6? Google's new phone isn't set to launch for another two weeks yet, but already we know the design, most of the specs, the focus on voice recognition, camera specifics and even the Pixel 6 price. And now we have a load of new leaks courtesy of @evleaks.

The main thing of note is the new wireless charging stand (pictured). This was rumoured over the summer to support 23W fast charging, which is more than twice the speed of the 10W wireless charger Google previously sold.

When docked, the phone brings up controls for media and smart home on its screen for easy accessibility. It also seems to have a cooling fan, with the option to switch between quiet mode or performance mode.

The screenshots in this batch also show the Pixel 6's facial unlock system, much like the iPhone's. This was conspicuous by its absence on the Pixel 5, though it was present on the Pixel 4. 'Fingerprint unlock' is mentioned on the same screen, so a fingerprint scanner is a dead cert. 

We get a good look at the Pixel 6 Pro's three-camera setup, too. Google has already confirmed the device will boast a main camera, ultrawide and telephoto lenses, but this image confirms their resolutions. The main snapper has a 12-megapixel sensor, the ultrawide a 48-megapixel and the telephoto a 50-megapixel. That's quite some imaging prowess.

Also pictured are the Pixel 6's charging brick, which we know won't come in the box. And there are photos of the handset being splashed with water, suggesting it'll be waterproof (we would expect at least the same IP67 rating as the Pixel 5A). 

Whatever details are left will be revealed at the launch event on 19th October.


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