Google Pixel 6 camera revealed in juicy new leak

Google Pixel 6 camera revealed in juicy new leak
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The Google Pixel 6 has been extensively leaked in recent weeks, but the camera specs have remained unclear. Until now, that is.

XDA Developers claims to have acquired an upcoming version of Google’s Camera app and figured out the specs. It says the Pixel 6 will boast a 50MP camera for the primary lens and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, while the more advanced Pixel 6 Pro will add a rear 48MP lens.

The Pro model is also expected to sport a 12MP selfie camera, versus the Pixel 6's 8MP lens. Both models are thought to support 4K video recording and come with a raft of clever new camera trickery.

Automatic white balance is claimed to adjust skin tones to ensure a more natural look, while “face deblur” (announced at this year's Google I/O conference) can snap multiple photos to create one, ultra-crisp image.

The app is also tipped to contain a Google's hotly-awaited 'magic eraser' feature, a Photoshop-style tool that allows users to easily remove unwanted objects or people from photos. Handy if, say, you've recently fallen out with your in-laws.

There's even said to be a 'baby mode' on the Pixel 6. This is rumoured to automatically trigger the shutter when it recognises a baby playing around, thus making it easier to capture your little one's elusive smile.

Of course, it's possible that Google could make changes to some or all of these features before the (probable) release of the Pixel 6 on 19th October. Check out out guide on everything we know about the Google Pixel 6 for more info and how it might compare to Apple's iPhone 13.


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