Watch out Samsung, Google's next Pixel could be a folding smartphone

Google Pixel 5
(Image credit: Google)

Google is working on a Samsung Galaxy Fold-style folding smartphone. That's according to a 9to5Google source who states that the upcoming mid-cycle release of Android contains details about a Pixel foldable.

Codenamed "Jumbojack," this is actually the second potential Pixel foldable reportedly in the works following the rumoured "Passport" Pixel that's been doing the rounds.

Reporters at 9to5Google have found multiple examples of Jumbojack being used in Android documentation, with references to hinge positions being opened, closed, half-opened, and flipped. There are also apparently some Android tweaks that deliver Galaxy Fold-like split-screen capabilities. 

Confusingly, however, Jumbojack is the name of a cheeseburger from US chain Jack in the Box, which could suggest that this mysterious handset folds "hamburger style" like the Galaxy Z Flip as opposed to the "hotdog style" of the Fold. But at this point, the only people who really know what form it will take work at Google.

Either way, it appears that there is at least some sort of folding smartphone testing going on in Google's secretive labs. We'll keep an eye out for more concrete news, as and when we get it.


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Esat Dedezade
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