Google Pixel 6 advert points to enhanced voice recognition and other new features

Google Pixel 6 New Yorker advert
(Image credit: The New Yorker)

There’s not a whole lot we haven’t already learned about the Google Pixel 6. We know it’s got a colourful, bold new design, improved cameras, and brand new homegrown processor, but there are still some mysteries left to uncover ahead of its (probable) 19th October launch date.

The latest rumours to spread online come courtesy of a new Pixel 6 magazine ad in The New Yorker (spotted by Twitter user @rbrome) which teases readers with information related to the handset’s features. While the shots of the device don’t show anything we haven’t seen before, it’s the text description below the image which people have been picking apart to help uncover clues about potential new features.

While most of it is just marketing spiel that echoes what we’ve seen and heard in previous Pixel 6 posts and videos, there is one section, in particular, that’s caught our attention:

What if your phone understood your accent?

Spoke dozens of languages fluently?

Knew to save power for the apps you use most?

And could capture every skin tone accurately and beautifully?

The above suggests that Google’s new Tensor processor could have enough power and machine learning capabilities to understand different accents and languages for more accurate and seamless voice commands. Translation and captioning capabilities could also be improved, while the reference to power is likely referring to Android’s Adaptive Battery feature, which ensures that only your most frequently used apps are kept running in the background to help save power.

The reference to skin tone strongly suggests tweaks to the camera app’s processing and general camera capabilities to help ensure correct exposures and optimum detail levels across different situations.

The rest of the text doesn’t suggest anything new, with some nods to things like Android’s Dynamic Color feature which changes the UI hues based on your wallpaper for a more coherent experience.

That’s all the latest we have on the Google Pixel 6 for now, but there’s sure to be more info available leading up to the October launch, so stay tuned for more news as and when we get it.


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