FreeWavz unveils smart earphones with built-in fitness monitoring

It seems the market for wireless smart earphones that'll monitor your workout is an ever-expanding one, with FreeWavz becoming the latest company aiming to capitalise on the trend.

FreeWavz buds have been devised by American ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Eric Hensen and are claimed to incorporate the "latest medical technology and cutting-edge design".

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A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has now launched with the aim of raising "awareness among early adopters and fitness enthusiasts", having been five years in development.

FreeWavz is nearing the start of its commercial manufacturing and retail distribution process, with it hoping to raise $300,000 through the Kickstarter community before August 7th.

So, what are the main features of the FreeWavz buds? The health-tracking systems found on board measure metrics including heart rate, calories burned and the workout duration.

AptX Bluetooth transmits the data from the earphones to your mobile device, while also offering the standard benefits of wireless technology – hands-free calling and music streaming.

Features also include an A2DP CD-quality stereo codec; a three-axis accelerometer; 64MB external and 16MB internal flash memory; and a battery lasting between six and eight hours.

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In terms of the design, FreeWavz come with a "unique conical sound delivery mechanism wrapped in memory foam" that projects sound up and into the ear canal.

It has an adjustable environmental listen-through to let you hear traffic on busy streets; optional ear safeguards that'll monitor decibel levels; and a six-frequency equaliser for each ear.

The buds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, while sweat, water and shock resistant – ensuring they're designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of any workout.

“Headphones currently on the market don’t meet the requirements of today’s athletes, and many variants actually pose risks to long-term hearing,” said FreeWavz founder Dr Eric Hensen.

"Leveraging the latest medical technology and cutting-edge design, we believe our new product will empower athletes of all abilities to get more from their exercise routines in a safe and unrestricted manner."

You can find out more about FreeWavz and make a pledge towards its Kickstarter campaign here. If successful, the buds (RRP $299 plus postage) will start shipping during the Autumn.

FreeWavz follow FX-Sport's VR2 smart sport headphones concept and Bragi's Dash onto Kickstarter and we'll be keeping our eye out to see if this latest concept proves a crowdfunding hit.

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