Focal's 40th-anniversary celebrations continue with ultimate headphones set

Focal's 40th anniversary celebrations continue with ultimate headphones set
(Image credit: Focal)

If you haven't already heard, this year marks Focal's 40th anniversary. 

To celebrate, the French audio brand launched a special 40th collection at the Munich High End Show in May. And, like that person who milks their birthday with three celebratory meals and two parties, it's continuing the celebrations by launching the ultimate headphones package.

The limited-edition Symphonie 40th set, of which there is 40 available worldwide, is designed to offer two listening experiences: one for the home with the flagship (and five-star) Utopia open-back headphones partnered with the Focal Arche DAC & amplifier, and another for on-the-go use with the (also five-star) Stellia closed-back headphones and Questyle QPM h-ires music player.

(Image credit: Focal)

This high-end kit is fittingly packaged, presented within a numbered, Macassar ebony veneer case that's finished in satin, lined with beige microfibre and adorned with metal clasps and side handles. Ooh ahh.

Inside are all the cables you'd need, too, including a 4-pin balanced Litz XLR cable to connect the Utopia to the Arche; a 4.4mm jack cable to hook up the Stellia to the Questyle player; a cable with a mini jack adapter to connect the Utopias to the player; and an XLR cable to link the Stellias to the Arche.

Serious about headphones? Then we hope you have a serious budget too. The Focal Symphonie 40th, available now, is priced £13,999.

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