Exposure unveils its new top-of-the-range VXN series phono amplifier

Exposure VXN Phono Amplifier
(Image credit: Exposure Electronics)

British hi-fi brand Exposure has just announced the release of its new top-of-range VXN Phono Amplifier. 

The firm says the VXN series was created with the serious vinyl enthusiast in mind and the new phono amplifier is designed to be partnered with Exposure’s VXN Power Supply, thus forming a two-box set-up in which the sensitive phono circuits are entirely isolated from the power supply circuitry in a bid for the lowest possible noise and highest possible performance. Or, for the absolute maximum experience, Exposure recommends two VXN power supplies are used, one for each channel, in a three-box dual mono configuration. 

Exposure VXN Phono Amplifier

(Image credit: Exposure Electronics)

Fully adjustable input stages (separate MM and MC inputs are selectable on the front panel) can be finely tailored for either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges, ensuring that the cartridge loading and gain are optimally set to promise faithful retrieval of the finest details your turntable can deliver.

Key features of the VXN phono amplifier include the use of discrete transistors only in the audio circuits (no integrated circuits in the signal path), very low noise power supply with multiple stages of regulation, high quality resistors and capacitors throughout the signal path, very high quality polypropylene capacitors in critical areas of the RIAA equalisation and adjustable loading and gain switches on the back panel.

Visually, you're getting high quality all-aluminium casework and an extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electromagnetic fields, available in black only.

The Exposure VXN phono amplifier is available now, priced at £1790 (which is roughly $2400 or AU$3300) and you check Exposure's website to locate your nearest dealership.


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  • abacus
    £1790 with no (Genuine) balanced outputs, there having a laugh, if it was a 3rd of that price OK but they are really going after the gullible with this one.