The 'Complete Vinyl Collection' is a one-box turntable system and 20 records

Déjà vu? Chances are you’ve seen – and probably walked past – an all-in-one, plug ‘n’ play, briefcase-style turntable recently.

If you want a cheap turntable and you're tight on space, they certainly make a lot of sense, and it's no surprise systems such as the Crosley Cruiser have sold like the proverbial hot cakes - even if we're put-off by the sound quality and the potential to damage your records.

Either way, there’s another player in town, courtesy of Bellevue UK - only this £160 one-box turntable adds twenty vinyl albums into the bargain. Hence, the 'Complete Vinyl Collection’ name.

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The turntable, which comes in four leatherette finishes (‘classic black’, ‘vintage brown’, ‘pillarbox red’ and ‘sky blue’), has a tone arm auto-stop function, can play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm records, and, as is becoming common amongst budget turntables, features a USB output so you can digitise your vinyl.

Stereo speakers are built into the front - 2 watts of power! - and there's an analogue output for connecting to an external amp and speakers.

The records included are compilations that cover an eclectic range of music tastes, ranging from Ultimate Divas to Reggae Hits to Soul Classics, and featuring hit tracks (287 in total) from artists such as Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Beethoven and Bob Marley.

A complete collection? We wouldn't say so, but it's certainly something to spin straight out of the box.

The Complete Vinyl Collection costs £160 and is currently on sale at Amazon, Argos, Currys, Debenhams and Maplin.

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