Competition: Win tickets to a very special event

Not everyone gets to go to The Hospital Club. You either have to be In The Industry, or know someone who is. Probably helps if you've had a hit album or two as well. It's one of those mysterious places that mortals like us aren't allowed to see.

Until now. DALI and What Hi-Fi? have bagged the place on the evening of Wednesday 23rd September - and ten pairs of tickets for lucky readers - so you, as part of a select group of VIPs, can take in The Hospital Club's charms (including free food and drink), listen to some great music, get the chance to win some speakers, and hear from the people who created the Opticon series of speakers. Free of charge.

For those of you who don't get to come along in person, we'll be streaming the whole event - including interviews with DALI designers, musicians and more - in a What Hi-Fi? world first. Plus a few special surprises. We'll tell you exactly how to tune in nearer the time.

For your chance to win one of ten pairs of tickets, simply give us the correct answer to the question here.

Good luck!