Chord slashes the price of five-star DACs, including Award-winning Mojo 2 and Qutest

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High-end audio manufacturer Chord is cutting the prices on some of its finest products, including the Award-winning Mojo 2 and the five-star Hugo TT2 DACs. The COVID-19 global pandemic dramatically affected the price of electronic components, a problem exacerbated by a scarcity of digital parts more generally. This, inevitably, meant rising costs for consumers as manufacturers and retailers attempted to navigate these sub-optimal economic conditions. 

Chord Electronics’ British-made DACs use FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chipsets as the basis for the company's proprietary digital-to-analogue code. In 2021-22, these became four times more expensive, leaving Chord with inflated costs and the inability to pass its savings onto its customers.

With the market calming and the situation easing off, Chord has found itself ready to cut the prices on some of its finest DACs and accessories by as much as 20 per cent, meaning you could save serious cash on some five-star and even Award-winning performers.

While not all digital component prices have come down (the higher-end Hugo 2 and the DAVE models remain unchanged), Chord has decided that now is the time to cut prices as part of the long road back to "normalcy". 

Chord Mojo 2

The supremely talented Mojo 2 earned its stripes as a What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022 winner. (Image credit: Chord)

As part of these cuts, five Chord products have seen their prices reduced, including not only the Mojo 2 and Hugo TT2 (as mentioned above) but also the fantastic Chord Poly streaming accessory and the Award-winning Chord Qutest, both of which have also received five-star reviews.

The new prices of the five products involved are as follows:

- Mojo 2 DAC (was £495, now £395*), $650
- Poly streaming accessory (was £495, now £395*), $650
- Qutest DAC (was £1395, now £1195), $1595
- Hugo TT 2 DAC (was £4995, now £3995), $5295
- Hugo M Scaler (was £4195, now £3495), $4750

Additionally, the prices of the Mojo 2 and Poly (asterisked) are now permanently reduced, following the summer promotion price of £395. Regardless of discounts or price drops, the five-star and What Hi-Fi? Award-winning status of these products means you will be receiving a product that is truly worth the money regardless.

For further information on this deal, a list of dealers and a full rundown of the product involved, visit the official Chord website.


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