CES: LG expands OLED TV line-up for 2015

There will be seven new OLED TVs for 2015, comprising curved, flat, and flexible designs, all of which sport Ultra HD 4K resolution screens.

It's OLED, and it's flat!

It's OLED, and it's flat!

First up is the EF9500 series of flat TVs, available in 55 and 65 inches. We’ve seen a few curved OLED TVs before, but flat ones have been rare until now.

Curved designs will continue with the EG9600 series, also available in 55 and 65 inches. Moving up the ranges, we have the 77EG9700 (77in, curved) and the 65EF9800 (65in, flat).

The most interesting of all is the 77EG9000: a 77in flexible OLED screen that can go from curved to flat at the push of a button.

LG’s Art Slim design includes transparent stands that make the screens appear to float. The aim is to reduce clutter around the screen and increase immersion.

OLED’s self-lighting pixels offer deep, literal blacks that aren’t possible on LCD screens. LG’s own WRGB technology adds a white sub pixel to the standard red, green and blue, which aims to improve colours.

On the audio front, LG has worked with Harman Kardon, and promises the deep, rich sound that most thin TVs badly need.

All of the TVs will run WebOS 2.0, the latest version of LG’s super-slick interface. Promises include better user customisation and greater speeds.

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