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What is Quantum Dot TV? Is OLED dead or alive? Can 4K go mainstream this year? And will it be streamed or on disc? We discuss the TV tech trends and new products from LG, Samsung, Sony and the rest, live from the What Hi-Fi? and Stuff International News Stage at CES 2015.

As always, CES 2015 is dominated by TVs. We've now had news from all the big manufacturers on their TV plans for 2015, including LG's OLED TV plans, Sony's X90C "world's slimmest" screens or Samsung's SUHD TVs

So what are the key TV trends for 2015? From 4K to Netflix, internet TV to SUHD, we discuss the shape of the TV market in 2015 and the best of the new TVs revealed. 


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tell me a lettle about the 8k curve 100" or are they going to be one

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Panasonic ? 98% of DCI vs 92% on quantum dot

Weirdly there was very little mention of Panasonic and their phosphor colour tech which achieves a higher industry standard accuracy than quantum dot. 

Do Panasonic not exist in TV production ?

I would consider this review unbalanced.