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Better known for its home cinema projectors, BenQ is set to launch the "audiophile-grade" treVolo aptX Bluetooth speaker – complete with electrostatic speaker technology.

The BenQ treVolo wireless speaker, which is set to come with a US $299 price tag when it's officially launched at CES 2015 next month, is also portable thanks to its integrated battery. It sports an analogue output too, as well as a USB input.

Electrostatic speaker technology - more usually found in high-end hi-fi speakers such as the Quad ESL-2812 - emits sound forwards and backwards, while the treVolo also features dual woofers and dual passive radiators. Each driver has its own amplifier for a "quad-amplified design".

AptX Bluetooth support allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth phone, tablet or computer, and get superior quality wireless sound from any aptX-compatible device.

The integrated battery is good for "up to 12 hours of continuous playback", while a collapsible wing design - sounding a little like something out of Star Wars - helps to make the design more portable. There are three DSP sound modes - Pure, Warm and Vivid - and support for hands-free calls thanks to a built-in mic. 

There's a 16-bit USB input for direct connection to your music source, a 3.5mm analogue input and a line output - so you could use the treVolo as an elaborate Bluetooth receiver by connecting it to an alternative music system.

Available in black or silver, with an anodised metal finish, the BenQ treVolo wireless speaker is set to go on show at CES in January but it's already on sale now in the US for $299.

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Please never mention 'BenQ'

Please never mention 'BenQ' and 'Audiophile' in the same sentence again. Thanks.

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Now now...


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Sounds Amazing!

If you get a chance to hear it, you will be surprised.

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Doesn't BenQ stand for "Best

Doesn't BenQ stand for "Best Entertainment 'n' Quality"?  So by definition it's the most entertaining product out there.