Toshiba 4200
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Following the demise of HD-DVD after last year's CES, Toshiba today failed to back Blu-ray by saying it will not launch its own BD players

At CES today, Toshiba unveiled two new upscaling DVD players, concentrating on the DVD format rather than choosing to adopt Blu-ray after last year's CES dramatically spelled the end of Toshiba's rival HD-DVD format.

Suggesting that the demand for upscaling DVD players was increasing all the time, the two new players launch next month.

The SD4200 will cost $39.99, while the SD7200 costs $59.99. UK prices aren't available just yet, but we expect them to be in line with the above and translate directly from dollars to pounds.

The XD-E 500 completes the line-up of players and features Toshiba's XDE (Extended Detail Enhancement) technology.

Two portable players were also revealed in the shape of the SDP72S and the SDP93, which launch in March and cost $129.99 and $179.99 respectively.

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Key features include 7 or 9 inch screens, 180 degree swivel screens and dual headphone outputs. Both players have a claimed 5 hour battery life and support DivX and MP3 formats and accept SD cards.

Finally a new range of DVD recorders will launch in April. For reviews of all new Toshiba DVD players, keep an eye on and get the verdict before anyone else.