Cambridge refines Award-winning CXN streamer

With the Cambridge CXN’s hat-trick of What Hi-Fi? Awards speaking for itself, this mid-range streamer didn't really need to be any better.

But the guys at Cambridge know full well that nailing a seamless user experience is half the battle for music streamers, and to that end have gone ahead and made some usability refinements anyway.

The new version adds a faster processor, and introduces MPEG-DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) compatibility to allow for a more consistent streaming of internet content (i.e. internet radio). That means many BBC radio stations are made available at up to 320kbps.

Last but not least, Cambridge has also made it easier to search through tracks played over your network, USB or via Spotify Connect.

The CXN (V2) can be purchased now from Cambridge Audio's site, with availability through third-party retailers expected shortly.

Already a proud owner of a CXN? The track-seek feature and MPEG-DASH and HLS support will arrive on your original version (as well as on the company's Azur 851N and Stream Magic 6 v2 streamers) via a free firmware update at a later (as yet unknown) date. Naturally, that update won't give them the new CXN's faster processor, though.

While it's a shame the CXN (V2) can’t also bring Bluetooth onboard – that connectivity is still an optional extra via the plug-in BT100 receiver – we can’t argue with Cambridge’s fine-tuning intentions here. Fourth Award ahoy? Quite possibly - we'll find out.


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