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Bryston adds high-end headphone amplifier

New from Bryston is the £1425 BHA-1 headphone amplifier, combining Class A circuitry, dual mono layout and hefty power supplies with a choice of balanced or single-ended headphone outputs.

Set to make its UK debut at the Sound and Vision Show in Bristol next month before going on sale from March 1st, the BHA-1 is housed in a full-width enclosure, and uses the same dual-mono layout found in the company's existing power amplifiers.

This uses two amplifiers per channel, giving a total of six fully discrete Bryson op-amps, which can be configured in balanced or series mode to double the signal voltage, thus giving a cleaner sound with greatly reduced noise.

In addition, the design means the amp can handle difficult loads or multiple pairs of headphones, and allows a choice of 14dB or 20dB of extra gain to give even greater compatibility.

Input is via single-ended or balanced sockets on the rear of the unit, and there's a choice of conventional phono inputs or a 3.5mm stereo input.

Outputs run to a standard 6.3mm stereo socket, plus a choice of four-pin XLR stereo or separate left and right channel three-pin XLR sockets. Volume and balance controls are provided, along with that gain selector and an input switch.

The BHA-1 is distributed in the UK by PMC Loudspeakers, and will be demonstrated at Bristol along with the new flagship Sennheiser headphones.

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