BRISTOL SHOW: Waterfall Audio unleashes Niagara and Hurricane speakers

Waterfall Niagara

Distributed in the UK by Invision, the Niagara is made from three quarter inch thick Diamond glass, which is treated at much higher temperatures than normal glass to give it greater transparency.

The speakers stand nearly 4 feet high and the mid/bass drivers and plinth are enclosed in hand-stitched Nappa leather.

The custom-built mid/bass Atohm drivers are equipped with patented ADT (Acoustic Damping Tubes) and the glass horn tweeter, which is mechancically decoupled from the main enclosure, undergoes more than ten hours of intense machining and hand finishing.

An ultra-low-frequency, downward-firing passive driver is housed in the solid aluminium base.

All this attention to detail is expensive: a pair of waterfall Niagaras will cost you a cool £25,000.

If that's a bit outside your budget, Waterfall Audio has also updated its eight-year-old Hurricane satellite speaker.

The new Hurricane Evo model uses the latest generation of Atohm drivers and is slightly more compact than the original version. All parts, apart from the glass, are now made from aluminium.

Each Hurricane Evo costs £355 and is available in three aluminium body colours: black, white and silver.