Bristol 2014: Acoustic Energy shows off 1 Series speakers

Acoustic Energy 1 series

Acoustic Energy has shown off its latest range of speakers at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2014.

The 1 Series is a four-strong line-up starting with the AE 101 standmounters, which have the same drivers as the AE301s, but in a more affordable cabinet. They are available for £275.

Next up are the AE 103 floorstanders, which have a slanted baffle and magnetic grilles, and are available for £550. We also saw the AE 107 centre speaker, priced at £200. All of the speakers have front-fronting reflex slots, designed to make positioning a bit more flexible.

Finally there is the AE108, a subwoofer with a remote control and extra large floor spikes with ‘innovative’ high density rubber cups for protecting hard floors. It’s yours for £350.

The range is available in walnut and black vinyl wrap finish, and is available now.

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by Ced Yuen

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