BLU-RAY REVIEW: Pineapple Express

Given the comedy pedigree of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow and the directorial deftness of David Gordon Green, Pineapple Express would be an absolutely first-rate comedy if it were about anything but a pair of pot-smokers.

Sadly, convincingly portrayed stoners are by their nature unfocussed and any film about them needs the director to show some drive to compensate. David Gordon Green of All The Real Girls fame, is undoubtedly talented, but his touch is too light and his style to slow and thoughtful to provide that drive, so Pineapple Express can’t help but bog down.

Nevertheless, the script features some sharp observations and engaging bromance between the characters, and James Franco’s performance stands out for both its comedy and acting chops. The Blu-ray picture presentation is good, and the Dolby True HD soundtrack makes a particularly good job of the film’s music, but in this case you’ll buy the Blu-ray version mainly for it’s huge array of extras rather than for its audio visual power. Visit The Leisure Lab for a full review of Pineapple Express.