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Best of the Week: Samsung QLED TVs, Audioquest DragonFly, Rega P2 and more

This week it was reported that Samsung may be skipping OLED TVs altogether and heading straight to quantum dot technology. Luna released details of a record console that comes with a minibar and Google stepped up its ambitions to release a modular smartphone by securing Harman as its audio partner.

In terms of reviews, we had the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 wireless speaker, Audioquest's DragonFly Black and the Planar 2 turntable from Rega.

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Samsung may skip OLED to focus on QLED TVs

OLED TVs are currently in fashion with a number of TV manufacturers, but one may be skipping the technology altogether.

Reports suggest that, because of the high cost, low yield and middling durability of OLED, Samsung is looking to go straight to quantum dot (QLED) technology instead.

However, we wouldn't expect QLED technology to come out any time soon. It's still in its infancy and won't be ready for a few years yet.

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Luno EGB2 combines a record player with a whisky bar

Finally, we have a piece of of furniture that combines What Hi-Fi's twin passions of vinyl and whisky.

The Luno EGB2 recalls the designs of record consoles from the 1950s and 60s. It features not only a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, but a custom-designed two-way speaker and pull-out minibar with four gold-rimmed whisky glasses.

Each console is made to order and details about the EGB2 are available from the company's website.

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Google picks Harman as its audio technology partner

Google has been developing modular smartphones with its Project Ara prototype, and has chosen Harman as its audio partner.

Harman will develop an audio module for Project Ara, in a similar manner to Bang & Olufsen's Hi-Fi Plus DAC for the LG G5.

It's a sign that smartphone manufacturers are taking sound more seriously, especially with the rise of hi-res music. The rumoured release date for Project Ara is 2017, so this won't be arriving in the near future.

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"The Planar 2 is a high-performing deck at a competitive price"

"The Planar 2 is a high-performing deck at a competitive price"

Rega Planar P2

We really liked what Rega did with the Planar 3, so expectations were naturally high for its revamped Planar 2.

At first glance there's not much difference between this and the last-generation P2. The motor, platter, tonearm and design have all had tweaks, and the results are impressive.

It's balanced and authoritative, insightful and detailed. Above all it's enjoyable to listen to. An impressive step up from the RP1.

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"This is easily the best DragonFly yet"

"This is easily the best DragonFly yet"

Audioquest DragonFly Black

The original DragonFly was great, the upgraded v1.2 even better. So how can Audioquest improve it? By dropping the price and increasing compatibility.

The DragonFly Black now costs £90, and is more versatile thanks to separately available smartphone/tablet adapters.

But the sound is where it counts, and that's much improved too. It's clearer, more dynamic and tighter in its presentation. The only issue is the lack of support for DSD and files over 96kHz.

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Ultimate Ears Roll 2

You can count on Ultimate Ears to look colourful and sound great. Little has changed with on that front with the Roll 2.

What's impressive is just how loud it goes (much more than the original). It also sounds more open and dynamic, with more heft apparent than before.

But if you're looking for more bass, you won't find it here. Otherwise, the UE Roll 2 is a fun, compact speaker that improves on the original and sounds superb.

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