A round-up of news and reviews to have graced What Hi-Fi? this week – featuring products and services from Devialet, Google, LG and more

This week SoundMagic launched a new pair of premium headphones, Virgin Media announced that it will be raising prices for its customers and the popularity of 4K TVs is steadily growing in the US.

Reviews-wise, there was another bundle of fantastic products. Google's Chromecast Audio is another strong effort in the streaming market, LG's (and the world's) first flat screen OLED is absolutely superb and Devialet's aesthetically gorgeous-looking Phantom Silver speaker is a stunning slice of hi-fi innovation.

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Sales of 4K TVs hit nearly three million in the US

It's early days yet, but 4K TV is now in 2.8 million households in the US, with two million of those sold in the third quarter of 2015.

The figure pales against the number of HDTVs and Blu-ray players currently in US homes, so 4K still has a way to go before it is considered mainstream. But with Ultra HD Blu-ray players coming early next year and streaming services increasing the breadth of 4K content offered, this number is likely to rise.

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Virgin Media announces price rises for TV and broadband services

The cost of Virgin Media's TV and broadband services is set to go up, with customers seeing various bundles rising from between £3.50 and £4 from February 2016.

Those on the Big Bang, Big Kahuna and Big Daddy packages will be hit hardest, while those on other packages will see an increase of between £1 to £4.

Broadband-only customers who saw prices go up on 1st November will be unaffected by these latest changes.

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SoundMagic goes premium with the Vento P55 headphones

Winner of several Awards, headphone manufacturer SoundMagic has launched its first pair of premium headphones in the Vento P55.

Little is known about the on-ear headphones save for the design (the headband is made out of stainless steel, the earcups out of aluminium), and the 'smart' removable cable that SoundMagic claims enables universal smartphone control.

You can pre-order the Ventoo P55s now.

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"What we do know is that OLEDs are immensely capable in many respects, and that this one could be the finest yet."

LG 65EF950V

Acting as the world's first flat 4K OLED, the 65EF950V features an immensely impressive picture with deep blacks, excellent contrast and wonderful colour reproduction.

There's also none of the less-than-ideal viewing angles you often get with a curved TV. And with OLED prices coming down, this is one of the finest – and just about affordable – TVs we've seen this year.

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"It is great to see something that rewards you for holding on to your existing equipment."

Google Chromecast Audio

Google has had great success with streaming content in its Chromecast video streamer. It's now turned its eyes towards audio with the hope of replicating its success.

And it may well have pulled it off. Like its video sibling, Chromecast audio is slick and easy to use, and only costs £30.

If you're looking to bring online streaming to offline devices, the Chromecast Audio is a great way to solve that problem.

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"You’re paying a high-end price for a high-end product, but also getting the service to match."

Devialet Silver Phantom

Looking like some kind of space-age speaker, this Devialet turns heads wherever it goes, but does it have the sound to match?

The answer is both yes and no. They sound big for a speaker so small, showing assured performance when it comes to handling rhythms. But they're let down by a lack of subtlety. 

And in the face of competition nearly half the price, the Silver Phantom is a worthy, if not must-have, effort.

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