Although we're still waiting for the first proper, authentically budget-priced OLED TVs to arrive on the market, you can currently get a very decent discount on some great models if you're judicious in your online shopping. Our round-up of the top OLED TV deals includes saving £2000 on LG's OLED65E6V, £1500 off the OLED65E7V TVs and a £500 saving on Sony's five-star KD-55A1

We've been blown away by a number of OLED TVs over the past 12 months - and if you fancy a piece of state-of-the-TV-art action, the tech should definitely be on your radar.

LG and Sony have been the front-runners so far, with LG OLEDs in particular the subject of some extremely hot deals...

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Tested at £5000 / Now £2799 at Beyond Televsion - saving over £2200

From aesthetics to sound quality to picture performance, this 4K OLED TV is a great performer.



Tested at £5000 / Now £3464 at Amazon - saving over £1535 (plus free Netflix premium for six months)

A super-neat and stylish TV, the LG OLED65E7V is a fine option if you have the wherewithal.



Original price £3000 / Now £1599 at RLR Distribution - saving over £1400, plus free Netflix premium for six months

Another impressive 4K OLED telly from LG, one which looks doubly agreeable at half price.



Tested at £3000 / Now £1775 at eBay  - saving £1225 (plus free Netflix premium for six months)

One of the most affordable 2017 OLED TVs you'll find, and an absolute stunner at the price.



Tested at £2700 / Now £1499 at Beyond Television - saving over £1200

One of LG's most affordable 2016 TVs, and a joy to watch.


Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

Tested at £3000 / Now £1999 at Currys PC World - saving over £1000

Panasonic’s most affordable OLED is still a nicely pro-oriented screen, with a detailed and poised picture.


LG 65EF950V

Tested at £4000  / Now £3299 at Amazon - saving over £700

One of the first OLED TVs we ever tested, this 2015 LG offering set an early benchmark for the TV tech.



Tested at price £2500 / Now £1799 at Currys PC World - saving over £700 (plus free Netflix premium for six months)

The C7 is virtually identical to its B7 sibling, apart from the styling of its stand. Another brilliant OLED from LG.


Sony KD-55A1

Tested at £3500 / Now £2999 at Currys PC World - saving over £500, plus £150 cashback when you buy a TV and broadband package.

Sony’s first 4K OLED TV is one of the finest examples of the TV tech we've seen so far.


Philips 55POS901F

Tested at £2800 / Now £2499 at John Lewis - saving over £300

A very decent first OLED effort from Philips.


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Shaun666's picture

LG 65E6V

I'd love to know where you're seeing this for £3299. I'd snap one up at that price.

richarb01's picture

It's back down to £3299 now.

It's back down to £3299 now.

Al ears's picture


Must be a typo, I see £3999

Andy Clough's picture

LG 65E6V

It was £3299 for a while but has gone back up to £3999, copy amended.

gel's picture

10 per cent off at Currys at the moment in store with Student

Beans discount.  

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