OLED TVs don't tend to come cheap, but you'll be surprised at just how much more affordable some of our favourite models have become...

We've been impressed by the OLED TVs we've seen so far, and with Sony joining the OLED party this year it looks set to be the TV tech to beat.

LG and Panasonic have been the front runners so far, and LG in particular is the subject of some extremely hot deals...

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Tested at £6000 / Now £3699.98 at Ebuyer - saving over £2300

One of the best TV pictures we've ever seen, now available with a saving of more than £2000.



Tested at £5000 / Now £3299 at RLR distribution - saving over £1900

From aesthetics to sound quality to picture performance, this 4K OLED is a terrific performer.



Tested at £3000 / Now £1499 at Currys PC World - saving over £1500

An impressive-looking, future-proofed 4K OLED TV. 



Tested at £2700 / Now £1489 with John Lewis - saving over £1200

One of the most affordable LG OLED TVs, and a joy to watch.


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Shaun666's picture

LG 65E6V

I'd love to know where you're seeing this for £3299. I'd snap one up at that price.

richarb01's picture

It's back down to £3299 now.

It's back down to £3299 now.

Al ears's picture


Must be a typo, I see £3999

Andy Clough's picture

LG 65E6V

It was £3299 for a while but has gone back up to £3999, copy amended.