AudioQuest announces new NightHawk and NightOwl headphones

After releasing its first pair of headphones, the Nighthawk, in 2015, AudioQuest has added two more pairs to its catalogue: the open-back NightHawk Carbon and the closed-back NightOwl Carbon.

The NightOwl Carbon features a hidden vent along the perimeter of each earcup that's designed to relieve pressure on the enclosure and limit ringing, oscillation, and resonance.

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AudioQuest has improved the headphones' plugs, using tellurium copper which has a "better mating contact and, consequently, less noise".

The company has also made the headband and earpads more comfortable, as well as shortening the cable to help prevent kinking.

The NightHawk Carbons are billed as a more sophisticated version of the original - with improvements to the performance, comfort and the durability of the cable.

The NightHawk Carbon and NightOwl Carbon will be available later this month, priced £599 (€699/$700) each.

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