In an age where streaming is becoming the go-to choice for music, Audiolab believes there's life in the old CD yet, as indicated by the release of a new dedicated CD transport, the M-CDT.

The M-CDT is the latest addition to the LAB Series of Audiolab products, sitting alongside the M-DAC, Q-DAC and M-PWR.

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The new transport features a slot-loading mechanism and an onboard digital decoder. This decoder works via digital coax and optical outputs to "deliver maximum versatility".

Trigger In and Out links allow for remote power switching, ideal for installation environments and also useful for set-ups that make use of other LAB Series components.

Audiolab says the M-CDT delivers "exceptional" audio performance and "punches way beyond its 2.9kg weight".

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The Audiolab M-CDT is available now in a choice of silver or classic Audiolab black for £399. See the Audiolab website for more information.

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Trefor Patten's picture

If only they had made it play

If only they had made it play SACD and DVD-A. I would jump at the chance.Music 2

AlbertoPN's picture

Totally agreed.

Totally agreed.

And also an EAS/EBU output among the other digital connectors.

cstanwhf's picture

Display and remote

Just got the M-CDT last week.

Wish it has it's own display and remote. Could be used with other DACs then.

It has to depend on the M/Q-DAC for display and remote operations.