Audio Analogue adds to Anniversary line with Bellini and Donizetti amplifiers

Audio Analogue adds to Anniversary line with Bellini and Donizetti amplifiers

We're big fans of Audio Analogue's high-end amplifiers, so we're happy to see two more additions on the way.

The two new models join the Anniversary range, which launched back in 2016 to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. The Audio Analogue Anniversary Bellini is a preamplifier, yours for £4999, and the Audio Analogue Anniversary Donizetti is a power amplifier, and costs £8999. As you'll see, the company doesn't hide its Italian heritage.

The new components follow in the footsteps of the Puccini Anniversary (£3000) and Maestro Anniversary (£6500) – and the Bellini preamp borrows from the Maestro's preamp stage. There are also upgrades to the power supply, the four-layer circuit board, component positioning and internal wiring. There's also a new volume control and remote. The Anniversary Bellini has 3 x RCA and 2 x XLR inputs, plus twin pairs of unbalanced and balanced outputs.

The Anniversary Donizetti power amp is a fully balanced design that delivers 250 watts into 8 ohms, the power doubling as impedance halves. A dual mono design, the Donizetti has two 1200VA transformers, and comes with a set of RCA and XLR inputs. It can also be operated in a mono design, should your system want serious amounts of power. We feel obliged to mention it weighs a staggeringly hefty 41.2kg. 

If this all sounds a bit extreme, don't worry we thought the same thing – so naturally we've asked to review them as soon as possible...

Joe Cox
Content Director

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