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Astell & Kern's latest addition to its family of portable high-res audio players goes on sale in June for £3000.

The AK380 builds on the company's previous flagship model, the AK240 by adding a raft of extra features and functionality, including dual 32-bit DACs and advanced jitter reduction. Astell & Kern is also introducing an optional headphone amp module, which the AK380 slots into.

You control the player through its 4in touchscreen. Built-in memory is 256GB, which is expandable via microSD card. There's also wi-fi connectivity, native DSD playback and Bluetooth connectivity. Battery capacity (and hence battery life) is larger on the new model (3400mAh against 3250mAh).

While the AK380 goes on sale in June for £3000, pricing and availability for the optional amp module is yet to be confirmed.

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tommie_boi's picture

£3000 for a portable player?

£3000 for a portable player? Have they lost their mind? I thought that £500 for that lovely high end Sony player was too much. And now this...

Graham Luke's picture


Advanced jitter reduction?!? Cor!!!

Now I'll be able to enjoy all those detail-laden frequencies that I am physically unable to hear AND without that pesky jittering!

Does it get any better? Yes? Well, when it does, I'll throw this one away and get the next one!

koblongata's picture