The AK320 is the latest hi-res player to be added to A&K’s family of portable players and takes styling and features from the AK380.

Portable music players are enjoying a resurgence this year, certainly in audiophile circles, thanks in part to the increasing availability of hi-res audio. Astell & Kern is one brand that's capitalised, and there's now a new addition to the company's range.

The AK320 is billed as "a more affordable flagship", costing £1499 and sitting beneath the top-of-the-range AK380, which costs £3000. The '320 supports high-resolution files up to 24-bit/192kHz, plus DSD files. It features balanced and standard 3.5mm outputs and comes fitted with a VCXO (Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) Clock to help reduce jitter and ultimately deliver your music more accurately. 

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There's 128GB of internal storage, which can be increased to 256GB+ via a microSD card. Wi-fi is built-in and the accompanying AK Connect App enables easy wireless streaming. Bluetooth is also onboard, allowing you to stream to headphones or speakers. You can also use the AK320 as a USB DAC when playing music from your computer.

Like other A&K products, the AK320 is machined from a single block of aluminium and comes with a range of accessories, including a slide-on headphone amp, desktop cradle and a CD ripper, allowing you to rip your discs straight to your player.

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The AK320 will be available from early December for £1499. Sound a little steep? There's always the Award-winning £400 AK Jr...

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Al ears's picture

Still overpriced

Whilst it's obviously a lovely design, very well built, and with some useful features (for some) my money is still on the Questyle QP1R.

magicrabbit's picture

Not reasonable

Whatever the built quality, the sound quality and the awesome design, this is still far too expensive for what it is.

Price of the components (DAC, low-res screen) cannot explain such a high price.


Al ears's picture


Agreed, some people will buy as a status symbol, as with all things, ideally it needs to be around a grand to sell more but this would mean restructuring their whole pricing structure. They are good but there's others that run them very close and even better them in sound quality, even my old Colorfly C4 could do that, but people will by whatever is 'status'. Note number of Rolex wearers. Smile

I'd love one but unfortunately my Fiio X3 thru Oppo HA-2 will suffice.

Graham Luke's picture


A 'slide-on headphone amp'...?  WHY?!?

utomo's picture

I confuse why no other good

I confuse why no other good alternative available which can deliver good sound quality but better price ? 

I try Fiio but the sound is not good enough, I prefer to hear the iPod  

magicrabbit's picture

The COWON Plenue P1 could

The COWON Plenue P1 could have been an alternative, but this latter has no Bluetooth which is totally UNACCEPTABLE at this price.