Arcam rPhono preamp will make the most of your vinyl without costing the earth

If you want to improve how your vinyl sounds, or add a turntable to your hi-fi setup, the Arcam rPhono could be for you.

According to Arcam, it uses the finest quality parts in a layout that's optimised for low noise and minimal distortion. Externally, it shares its casework with the Arcam rPlay, one of our Stars of CES 2017.

The rPhono's multi-layer PCB (printed circuit board) maximises the quality of the ground plane to minimise interference between components.

The Arcam rPhono also deploys multiple, low-noise, individually regulated power supplies, meaning that it should deliver the cleanest signal to the output stage.

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Its precision impedance matching uses high-quality trimmers instead of discrete steps, which will be great for moving coil (MC) cartridge users, while if you have a moving magnet (MM) cartridge, there's a wide variety of capacitance options.

An optionally selectable low-frequency 'rumble' filter helps reduce the effects of warping vinyl and pressing irregularities.

The Arcam rPhono will go on sale before March, and will cost £399.

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Joe Svetlik

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