Rumours abound that content from Project Gutenberg, a free online book library, will be available for free download

With the Apple iPad now set for release some time in late April here in the UK, there looks set to be a slow trickle of news and rumours around the launch.

The latest sees the 'appadvice' website carrying screen grabs from Apple's iBookstore purporting to show free books courtesy of the Project Gutenberg ready for download.

This would mean some 30,000 books potentially available for free – a price that doesn't normally hold much sway with the powers that be at Apple.

That said, there's already an app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows similar access to this free book resource, called Stanza

Books are set to sell on the iBookstore for $9.99 in the US, which in the UK means, well, probably £9.99. We shall see.

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Still, if there are 30,000 free books on the iBookstore, the cost of the books might be less of an issue. Some how, we'll believe it when we see it...

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