Songbird has teamed up with Songbird to provide an integrated MP3 media player

Music download store has hooked up with Songbird to integrate the latter's media player into 7digital's music service.

This enables Songbird users in the US and Europe to buy, download and transfer to portable devices music from's six-million strong MP3 catalogue.

The new integrated service is available at

When a track or album is downloaded from in Songbird, it is automatically downloaded into the user's Songbird library.

Users can click the Music Store link in Songbird's left-hand menu to access the store and purchase tracks, without leaving the Songbird application.

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"Ben Drury, CEO of, says: "7digital and Songbird is a killer combination for anyone who wants a dynamic, open music player."

Ethan Bauman, director of business development at Songbird, adds: "This is a music lover's dream come true. 320kbps MP3s are downloaded into a library that keeps fans abreast of local band news and gigs, as well as displaying live concert photos, artist bios and more."

Pricing will correspond to pricing on the 7digital website in the country the user lives in.